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MIke Haywood, 1978
Forty-three years ago in a small town in western Maryland, Mike and Herman Haywood, owners of The Haywood Agency, discovered that there was a vast amount of people living in and around the metropolitan areas that wanted to buy country property in West Virginia and in western Maryland. And, as luck would have it, there were equally as many people living in West Virginia that wanted to sell. So, in 1980 the Mike Haywood Group was formed with an intense effort to bring these two markets together by placing a special emphasis on marketing and selling Farms, Land, Country Estates, Recreation and Mountaintop Resort properties. The Mike Haywood Group continued to grow and by 1993, earned the unique distinction of selling more Farms, Land and Country Property than all of the other real estate companies combined. The Mike Haywood Group continues to be the leading Real Estate Firm in the eastern gateway to West Virginia by practicing the highest standards of excellence and by being totally committed to client/customer satisfaction.

Statement of Policy

Today with many Real Estate Firms competing for the Buyers and Sellers Business, it's hard to find dependable advice and service. Unlike the newcomers and novices, we are actively engaged in building the Real Estate Profession by:

    • Providing the Best Sales and Service Programs Available

    • Counseling Buyers and Sellers According to their Economic Needs

    • Staffing with Fulltime, Qualified Sales People

    • Extensive Marketing and Advertising to Maximize Exposure and Profit Potential

Our Policy is one of service backed by experience, knowledge, skill and hard work, and to achieve this we will dedicate ourselves to provide you with the Best Real Estate Services available.

Therefore, sit back and enjoy the peace of mind and confidence that comes with working with an Experienced, Qualified, Professional Real Estate Firm.

Mike Haywood, Broker
The Mike Haywood Group


The Mike Haywood Group Advertises in Over 26 Local & Major Metropolitan Media Publications thru-out the entire Mid Atlantic Region. The following represents a partial list of some of the Media Sources that we consistently employ and/or utilize to get the Best Possible Results.




Herman Haywood, Don Harman, Tom Marsh & Mike Haywood: 1973
Haywood Agency Sells "Chat n Chew"


Mike Haywood & Julie Burgess
Mike Haywood presenting "Bonus" to Julie Burgess for Most Sales in Hampshire County


Harland Ridder, Mike & Herman Haywood, Emil DiUbaldo & John I. Rogers
Haywood Agency develops land for McDonald's Restaurant & 7-11 Store


Jim Leatherman, Sales Elite
Jim Leatherman, Sales Manager served with Haywood over 35 years


Mike, Mr. & Mrs. Shillingburg, Tuck, Cindy Carskadon & Herman Haywood
Haywood sells "Attic Lounge" in downtown Keyser